Frequently Asked Questions

Will The Oyster Bed fit on a "Big Green Egg"?

Yes, but pay close attention here.  The normal BGE will NOT accommodate a Le Grande Oyster Bed but WILL fit two Le Petite Oyster Beds if they are placed side by side facing opposite directions.  Similarly, the XL BGE will fit two Le Grande Oyster Beds placed side by side facing opposite directions. (See picture).  It's tight, but these will fit on The BGE!

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What is the Oyster Bed made of?

The Oyster Bed is carefully manufactured of an aluminum based metal alloy. For much more information, see the About page!

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Can I use The Oyster Bed in the oven? On the Grill?

Absolutely! For much more information, see the About page!

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Where is The Oyster Bed manufactured?

Our manufacturer has been carefully selected to meet the quality standards for cookware. The foundry currently producing The Oyster Bed is in the northern region of Mexico. 

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Is The Oyster Bed dishwasher safe?

We don’t recommend washing The Oyster Bed in an automatic dishwasher.  We have used dishwashers successfully (when using very environmentally friendly detergents) but have also seen the metal lose its luster (when using “hardcore” industrial strength detergents).  For much more information, see the About page!

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Does The Oyster Bed have to be seasoned like cast iron?

Nope! For much more information, see the About page!

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How exactly does The Oyster Bed help the environment?

The Oyster Bed helps the environment in a few ways:

1.  When people use The Oyster Bed to cook and eat PRE-SHUCKED oysters, they give those shells an opportunity to be recycled since most shucking houses send their shells back to coastal estuaries.  When shells are recycled by oyster fishermen who create new reefs with those shells, it helps the entire ecosystem and helps protect against erosion!

2.  The Oyster Bed LLC routinely donates products to fundraising events for environmentally conscious non profit organizations. 

3.  The Oyster Bed LLC consistently makes a consistent effort to teach food lovers about the value of the oyster and the value of a healthy ecosystem.  

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Are there retail stores that carry The Oyster Bed?

Yes! Eventually we will list retail locations on this site.  In the meantime, please send us a message if you want to know if there are any in your area. 

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Is The Oyster Bed Patented?

Yes! Visit our Patents page for more information.

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What are my shipping options?

Orders are normally fulfilled within one business day from when they are placed and all orders ship via UPS or FedEx from one of our fulfillment partners' warehouses in the continental US. Unfortunately rush shipping is not available at this time and we are not able to ship to P.O. Boxes. For more information about shipping and estimated timelines based on the destination location, please see the About page.

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