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The Concept

Louisiana is losing a football field of land per hour in coastal erosion!

The Oyster Bed uses pre-shucked oysters encouraging the shucking house to stockpile oyster shells and ensure they go back to the fishermen, and ultimately back into our estuaries.

The Result: more oysters, more reefs, more land.

Oyster Reefs start off small and grow over time when they have a strong foundation and healthy ecosystem. Manmade reefs are grown from a LOT of hard work and a LOT of faith. The average reef takes 1-3 years from the foundation of crushed concrete, limestone, or (hopefully) natural oyster shell to become a viable harvestable reef.

Similarly, The Oyster Bed went from "idea" in November 2011 to "reality" in October 2014 because of a LOT of hard work and a LOT of faith on the part of the founders. It was our Kickstarter launch and all of our Kickstarter Backers who really put us on the map! We want to THANK all of those who had faith in our idea and our company from the very beginning!

As we continue to grow, want to share this "product with a purpose" with restaurants and retailers across America so that we can continue to reshape our nation’s tables and coastlines ... one Oyster Bed at a time!